Love & Prayer

Spiritual Wellness

Meditation and the Brain: How It Changes Your Mind
Mantra Prayer: Combining Meditation and Prayer
Shamanic Healing Practices and Their Modern-Day Relevance
The Science Behind Meditation and Stress Relief
The Science of Prayer: How Prayer Benefits Your Mind and Body
The Creator Created People and Gave them Words
Prayer for Our Spiritual Warfare
A Prayer For Hope
The Antidote to Fear and Worry
Thanksgiving Prayer
Are Demons Having Sex With Humans?
Finding Happiness When You Don't Feel Happy
Here's What You Should Do to Start the New Year
The True Meaning of Christmas
A Group of Frogs
Mother's Day Prayer
God is Love
The Meaning of Life
Put on the Armor of God
Welcoming the New Year with Hope and Love
Psalm 34:12
Crisis Through Pentecost
Celebrate Palm Sunday
Spiritual Revolution
Caring for Our Soul in a Time of Crisis

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