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A Mother's Prayer

A Mother's Prayer

The Bible says that mothers are responsible, they love and care for their children. While this my be true for many, mothers sometimes don’t feel like they’re doing enough, they’re not strong enough or wise enough to guide their children. Many of us have had the opportunity to watch our mothers pray. Often, they wake up in the middle of the night and pray for their children, their husbands, their loved ones. It sometimes seems like they’re naturally driven to pray. Mothers give all their love and time to their children expecting nothing in return. Many times feeling overwhelmed, doubting if they’re being good mothers. 

Mother, this prayer is for you, so you can continue your journey with confidence that you are doing your part in leading your children to walk with God. This prayer is to ask our Father to provide the strength and wisdom you need to keep going. 

A Mother’s Prayer

Dear Father, thank you for the gift of motherhood. It was not by mistake or accident but with a purpose. As mothers, we do everything for our children, we help them every step of the way and get them ready to be independent. We know our children belong to you Lord and sometimes surrendering them feels impossible. But I trust you God to guide me through all my days of parenting. Through the hard times and the good times. I look to You to provide me with wisdom to know what to do and when to do it, to know what to say and when to stay quiet . Please help me be the best mother I can be for my children and fill me with strength, wisdom and love so I may walk in Your will knowing that you’re there every step of the way. Amen

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