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Pray for Our Children

Pray for Our Children

Prayers offer a great opportunity to be close to God and see his work in our lives and the lives of our children. It offers a door for Jesus to come in and exercise his power. Perhaps some of us don’t know how to pray, or we feel as though our prayers fall short. But, you can be sure that the power of the Holy Spirit intercedes for us even in those moments when we don’t have words to express ourselves. 

It is a fact that these days we don't know what may happen in the coming weeks. These are times of uncertanty and most everyone feels anxious. The current situation is unequivocally stressful for everyone. As parents we want to make sure we provide support to our children so they can feel safe. In the midst of this health crisis, even as we face our own worries we must remain calm and most importantly, faithful and hopeful so we may continue to encourage them and protect them through this difficult time. Lets take a moment to pray for all the children of the world so they may stay safe and find ways to experience God’s love.

Dear Father, I come to you to ask for help during this time full of anxiety and fear. Please give me peace and help me live in a way that my children can see your qualities in me. Help me guide them so they can get to know you and receive your salvation. Lord, please keep them safe and healthy. Give strength to those who are ill and fortify their spirits so they may not live in fear. Please give them wisdom to stand for what is right and humility to be worthy of God’s love. I place my child in your hands and trust that you will protect him. Protect them from all evil and keep them free from becoming dependent of earthy things. I ask to keep our children safe as they begin each new day. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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