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Providing Hope to the Non-Believers

Providing Hope to the Non-Believers

We all have been through hard times at some point in our lives. Despite what some people may say, we will continue to face challenges. Some people may blame themselves; some may even blame God. But this is not about our struggles, although they are just as important because, in a way, they bring us closer to God, and they help us grow. Instead, it is about providing hope and words of encouragement to those who suffer and how we respond when we find someone feeling hopeless. It’s about sharing our message of hope with those struggling to find their own hope.

The complexity of understanding that everything happens for a reason can be frustrating, and even more so for people that have no religious beliefs. It can be your friend or family member, even your neighbor. So what can a Christian say to someone that doesn’t share the same faith when they need hope? The answer is pretty simple. Connect with them as a friend on a personal level, maybe try to share your own experiences. Don’t try to force your religion upon them during their most vulnerable time. Instead, offer them compassion and understanding, and if the opportunity arises, share your own personal source of hope. Share how God has helped you during difficult times. Plant the Lord’s seed at the appropriate time, for He will harvest the seeds at a later time. 

Hope is an important word for Christians, and we know that God loves everyone, including the non-believers. They may not be confident about God’s love for them, or they may not accept it, but we know that He cares for them. So, look for subtle ways to give them hope and confidence. Show compassion and understand their pain. Let them know that sometimes life’s lowest moments can turn out to be our greatest gifts. 

Light in a messenger’s eyes brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones. Proverbs 15:30

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