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Religion in Quarantine

Religion in Quarantine

Quarantine orders and Christianity are currently in opposites sides. In the United States the social distancing orders are affecting many communities but ignoring these may have deadly outcomes. Some congregations have continued to organize worship services, putting themselves and everyone else in danger.

Ignoring public health guidelines may be driven by scriptural commands or faith. Some pastors argue that the true Christians will remain immune to the virus and only the sinners are the ones that have to worry about contracting it. Many other religious leaders have closed their places of worship and have modified their traditionalĀ gatherings and adapting on-line platforms. Today you see that the vast majority of religious gatherings are done remotely, via YouTube channels, Facebook and other platforms.

In this time of quarantine, many religious congregations have figured out a way to practice their faith and stay connected without being physically together. In the long run, quarantine will have an effect on how we practice our faith after this virus is over. As we all experience the effects of the coronavirus in different ways, with our faith we must have the capacity to be creative and bring the community together where otherwise might be divided during this time.

In the mean time, let's all pray for our religious leaders, our congregations and everyone that has been affected in any way by the virus.Ā 

Dear God, we intercede for all of those who have contracted coronavirus, we pray for their care and healing. Please strengthen the hands of our caregivers. Give your healing powers to all of our medical personnel and give your wisdom to our religious leaders and decision makers. Grant us your spirit of love so we may be calm and not panic but protect ourselves with determination. We pray for those who are suffering, heal our bodies and give us hope and peace so we may continue to always follow wherever you lead us. In Jesusā€™ name. Amen

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