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Does God Answer All Our Prayers?

Does God Answer All Our Prayers?

If not all Christians, most Christians believe and have faith that God will answer all their prayers. It is a fair statement to say that most of us have heard or have said to others that “God will answer our prayers.” But, while it may be true that He will answer our prayers, the answer will not always be what we are expecting. God’s answer may actually be “No.” Have you ever asked yourself, what if the answer to my prayer is No? And, how would you know God is saying No? Will you actually hear his voice saying, “No?” Most probably not. 

Sometimes people pray for something so faithfully and for a long time, and they think or feel they’ll never receive an answer to their prayer, but what if not receiving a response is God’s way of saying “No?” This makes sense; we don’t always get what we want, God doesn’t give us everything we want and pray for. Only, this doesn’t make sense because it is not what the Bible teaches us. The Bible doesn’t actually say that God will answer our prayers. The Bible says that if we believe the things we are praying for, they will be granted to us. In other words, if we pray in faith and believe what we pray for, we’ll receive the believed result. 

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. - Mark 11:24

It is natural to experience disappointment; life doesn't always unfold the way we want it to. However, it is necessary for us to experience grief and disappointment because that means that God is not worried about making us feel better immediately by providing a temporary fix to our problems. He has a better plan for us. He wants us to be transformed; he wants our hearts to have a real transformation. That can only happen when we let go of our struggles and we surrender to Him. Our pains and struggles sometimes lead us to resentment towards God because we don't understand why he has given us these problems or why he's letting us suffer. But is that grief and bitterness that will draw us back to God and his promises. He will show us His love if we invite Him into the struggles we feel because he always has our good in mind.

The Sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears from all faces; he will remove his people’s disgrace from all the earth. - Isaiah 25:8

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