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Pray For The World

Pray For The World

When the world is presented with hard times we turn to one of the most powerful ways we have to deal with struggle; that is the power of prayer. Prayer allows us to create a connection with God, it allows us to have and develop that inner peace we need when life circumstances and burdens of the world are so heavy on us that sometimes we need to unload everything into God’s hands because he has the power to give us peace and comfort. It’s also true that the bond of love we have with someone can helps us through tough times. 

Praying is a powerful tool we can use specially in the world we live in. When we pray we send out good and positive energy to the world. There are countless amounts of issues around the world that even a little bit of that good energy can make a whole lot of difference. The world needs our prayers, prayers to end poverty and hunger, prayers for the children and the elderly, prayers for justice and the healing of the world specially now with the current health crisis that has affected and continues to affect everyone around the world. Pray for world peace. 

Granted that prayers are not the only thing that is needed but they are an essential part of the equation and we cannot disregard them. Utilize the power of prayer.

Every action we take makes a difference, but we have to decide what kind of difference we want to make in the world. Spread positivity and love.

Dear Lord, as the appalling conditions of our world continue to increase we ask you to please send your healing energy to those in need. Bring unity and peace where there is conflict. Allow us to feel your love and spread it to others. While the world feels like is crumbling, please reach down and restore hope in our society. Give us strength and help us be that source of light for everyone around us. God, illuminate the path that we must follow so we may see past destruction and help spread love. Give us wisdom to make the choices to change the world. In Jesus’ name. Amen

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