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A Prayer for Our Nation

A Prayer for Our Nation

It is undeniable that our nation needs to heal. Everywhere we look, whether, on television or social media, we see fear, violence, and hatred. We're continuously facing issues that cause our nation to hurt, and at times it feels like our country is crumbling. 

A new president for our nation has been chosen. Right now, prayer is essential. It is not only for the healing of our country but also for our new president and everyone who holds a leadership position in the government. They all need our prayers to be good leaders and to have the courage and wisdom to stand against anything that threatens our nation. 

Pray with faith and know that God loves everyone and he will watch over us.

Dear Father, today we pray for our nation. We ask that you give our president wisdom to take this great nation on the right path no matter how difficult it gets. Please let all our nation's leaders hear your voice so they may honor you and reach out to you for guidance. God, please let our president receive your Holy Spirit so he may act in obedience to your wisdom and act according to your will. We pray today so we may all stand together unified for the sake of our nation because we cannot and should not continue to be divided. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.

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