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Mother's Day Prayer

Mother's Day Prayer

It is important to keep mothers in our prayers specially this Mother’s Day. There are those that are expecting their first child, the ones that have lost their mother and are grieving on this day, there are step-moms trying to figure out their place, single mothers, hurting mothers because they have lost a child. It doesn’t matter what tribulations you are facing today, know that you can always turn to God for healing and peace in your heart. Every mother has had a different journey and God understands and cares about you, he will not waste your pain.

Dear God,

Today we pray for all mothers everywhere. Thank you Lord for the blessing to be called Mom. We pray that you will fill this day with your grace. We ask for comfort for those who are grieving loss. We ask for strength for those in difficult situations. Please bless our mothers and provide them with wisdom to guide their children to become men and women of faith. We pray for our own mothers who have given us life and have cared for us. Lord, remember those who have been separated from their children. We pray for those who are no longer with us but will live forever in our memory. Bless all mothers on this day, give them love, compassion and peace, In Jesus’ name, Amen

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