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Finding Happiness When You Don't Feel Happy

Finding Happiness When You Don't Feel Happy

Have you ever sat back and thought about how sometimes finding happiness is tough? Or maybe you feel guilty when you feel happy because happiness has a bad reputation within your Christian circle. We celebrate joy while we condemn happiness because happiness is shallow. Many people still think that way because they were taught that happiness is self-serving and superficial while joy is more spiritual. 

The Bible, however, doesn't teach this distinction. When we have Jesus in our lives and find pleasure in everything good, we find ourselves experiencing happiness. But, how do we find happiness when things aren't so good? Life is full of obstacles and challenges, and yet, we can still choose to take refuge in God and let His spirit bring joy and happiness into our life.

So many people pursue happiness, and yet very few find it. Why? Is it possible that we are searching in the wrong places? Or maybe we have a different idea of what happiness is. For some, it may be money, life status, fame, the ability to travel the world. Sure, all of those things could bring happiness for some but is that true, lasting happiness? I'd say no. If we are true to ourselves, we could say that most of us have not found true, lasting happiness. The kind of happiness that can only come from God. 

The happiness that comes from God is true and ever-lasting. There is something else that is involved, though; it's the preparation. If we aren't ready to accept God's will and His words to become happy, peaceful, and loving people, we can't expect to have peace and happiness.

Having a purpose that brings us joy, something to work on or improve upon. Many of us might find it hard to find our true purpose, but if we find a way to get closer to God, He will guide us, and our objective will become clear. Having something to look forward to, anticipation is the secret key to happiness. Open the door to your heart and wait for the spirit of God to fill you with immense love and happiness.

Having something to look forward to or even someone by our side that we love and care for can bring happiness into our life because it is the anticipation that creates that spark we feel inside us when we are happy. Finding happiness is not the same for everyone. While some believe that being happy is having enough money to provide for their needs, others believe that being grateful and appreciating the good things, and learning from the bad things in life brings happiness and joy. Both of these scenarios are valid, and they both have an impact on what the true meaning of happiness is as individuals.

So, whatever it is that brings you true happiness, you need to get yourself to a point where you can appreciate everything life brings you because they all happen for a reason. It may not seem like that sometimes; some things may be beyond our comprehension, but God has a plan, and we must trust him. Always be grateful even when things may not go your way, for they will soon change in your favor. All you have to do is get closer to God and believe that there's nothing you cannot accomplish with His help.

These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full. - John 15:11

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