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The Importance Of Faith

The Importance Of Faith

Faith is a demonstration of complete trust and hope in someone or for something better. Faith is based in the heart unlike a belief is in the mind. Sometimes we lose faith when things don’t go according to plan. Often we do things without knowing what the outcome will be but we trust that everything will go according to plan, and that, is faith. The expectation of good things to come even when there is uncertainty. Faith cannot be logically explained or even understood; it is knowing deep down inside that things will be better. Faith is taking a step through the darkness even when you cannot see where you’re going.

Faith doesn’t necessarily have to correlate with religion. In other words, having faith does not mean you are religious. With that said, religion provides us with a way to communicate ideas or thoughts in matters of faith. Faith is present everywhere in every moment of our lives. For instance, would we fly a plane if we didn’t have faith in the machine being able to fly and not crash? How can we go through life without faith and not second-guess ourselves on everything we do? In a way, faith is being able to do things and expecting them to come out alright no matter what the circumstances are. The importance of faith cannot be underestimated. There is a saying that people can move mountains with their faith. So, even when a certain situation seems impossible to handle, people manage to come out victorious and this is true for a lot of people. Their faith carries them through. For some people is difficult to believe in faith or things that they cannot see; they try to explain things logically without seeing or refusing to see the little miracles in life. 

To illustrate a bit further; life is full of stress and anxiety, we worry about a lot of things, even things that we have no control of. Sometimes this worries become more apparent when we are under highly stressful situations. The mind is a powerful tool, in fact, if we allow it to move into these type of stressful situations, it can be detrimental to our health. We can learn to use faith to our advantage, to manage our fears and stress levels. If you believe or have faith that good things will happen, they absolutely will. No matter what the situation is or how impossible or bad we think it might be, if we have faith, we will get through it. Lean on your faith as much as you can and you will realize how important having faith is. Regardless of our religious beliefs or how intelligent we are, at one point or another, we are going to come across a barrier that we cannot cross and under those circumstances all we will have is our faith. Faith will help you see things through.

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