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Powerful Short Prayers

Powerful Short Prayers

We all need guidance, and when it comes to prayer it can be difficult because we’re constantly trying to look for the perfect words to convey what we feel. Whether you have a personal relationship with God or you are just starting to discover his love, these short prayers will certainly provide you guidance and help you when you can’t find the words. 

Thank You Prayer

Lord, I thank you for giving me another beautiful day, and the opportunity to start again. God, let nothing distract me from moving closer to you today. I pray for you to guide my thoughts every step of the way so I may follow you word and not my desires. God, I know that it is you who helps me through those difficult days and for that I thank you. I ask that you forgive me for my wrong doings. You are a forgiving God and I am grateful for the love you have for me. Please stay with me each moment of this day. I Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

Prayer for Protection

There is so much going on in the world that is beyond our control. Lord, please send your guardian angels upon those who are in harms way. Help all of those who are dealing with adversities, losses and illness. Let your glorious spirit surround them and keep them safe. Allow all of us who seek you, find your loving heart and peace. Thank you for being here today and always. Amen

Prayer for Guidance

Dear God, today I pray for guidance. I’m struggling with fear and anxiety about the future ahead of me and my family. I pray so I can learn to trust in You and know that you have a plan for us. Please help me find peace so I can focus on your words and follow the path you have for us. I am so thirsty for your love and guidance, God please listen to my prayer. I know that no matter what our future holds, I will always turn to you for guidance and you will be there directing the way for me. Thank you Lord. Amen

Prayer for Strength

This prayer is for those who have been affected by tragedies. Those who were devastated by the recent world wide pandemic and those who have lost their lives. Dear God, we ask that you bring peace and strength to their hearts and surround them with your precious unconditional love. Please help us bring courage to those that face struggles and are in need of comfort. Protect them physically, mentally and spiritually so they can face what comes their way. Thank you Lord. Amen

Prayer for acceptance

You are my strength when I’m weak, my light in the darkness and my comforter when I’m sad. God, please help me accept myself for who I am, with all my weaknesses and my faults, and my virtues. Help me dear Lord be better each day, show me what I can do to be confident, loving and kind as a child of God. Free me from all my fears and manifest your spirit in me so I may walk in your grace. Lift up my spirit and let me know that you will make all things beautiful in my life. 

Prayer for when you feel overwhelmed

Loving Father, I humbly come to you with an overwhelmed heart. I know you know all my struggles. You know my life is complicated and I’m feeling like there’s no way out. Please God, help me understand the struggles I face just like Jesus did when he gave his life. Let your loving arms lift up my poor spirit so I may rise strong and complete knowing that you are with me. Father, please help me, I need you so much right now. Amen

Prayer for when you feel alone

Holy Father, I feel alone even if I’m in a room full of people and I have no one to hold me. It seems like no one understands me. Dear God, please take away my loneliness and let me feel you here with me. Let your never ending love comfort me. May your Spirit make all things new again and fill me with hope and peace. Thank you Lord. Amen

Prayer to ask for His presence

Dear Father, I want to thank you for teaching me through my experiences, and for listening to me when I pray. Please forgive me for not showing you how grateful I am for all the blessings I have. Let me feel your presence Lord every moment of my life so I may find peace in my heart. God, let your spirit guide me and show me how to rebuild my life so it doesn’t feel like it’s a mess. I know that you only want what is best for me and I trust that you will be with me every step of the way. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

Prayer for wisdom

I’m seeking your wisdom dear Lord. I don’t know what to do, don’t know what’s right or wrong, I feel stuck. Father, what must I do? Please have mercy over me and show me the way. Cast all the shadows and bring clarity to my heart. I know you can do it because nothing is greater nor more powerful than your love. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

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