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Stay Hopeful

Stay Hopeful

The current world circumstances, specifically the coronavirus, have changed the way people live and, overall, the way society works as a whole. People have had to adapt to a new way of life all over the world, which is something we probably never expected, and no matter how strong and confident we are, we all face challenging times. All of this can cause fear and anxiety; many times, we don’t know how to deal with it. We may feel trapped in the dark with no way out, but we must have hope in times like these. 

Hope can feel impossible to attain and maintain in a world where everything is uncertain and continually changing. One day it may seem like it’s all getting somewhat better, feeling like we are full of optimism, and the next, we can’t even see a positive future. What do we do with that? How do we stay hopeful and optimistic when everything around us isn’t?

By definition, hope is an optimistic state of mind based on an expectation and desire for a particular event(s) to happen even when it is unlikely to happen. The hardest part of difficult times is staying optimistic, but the amazing thing here is that we are all capable of being optimistic though I have to say that it doesn’t come easy. Very few people are full-on all the time optimistic, and that’s perfectly normal; however, thriving in the face of difficulties is what we all do; therefore, we’re all capable of becoming optimistic and hopeful. 

When you face moments of hopelessness, dig deep down and think about all the blessings we can be grateful for, this may sound cliche, but if you take the time to practice thankfulness, your ability to be and stay positive and hopeful will grow. Remember all those times you have gone through difficult times, and you’re still here! God has kept you here, and he will not abandon you.

Being fearful keeps us from being hopeful, but our faith keeps us going. God loves us, and He can give us the power and strength to keep going. 

So, today, pray, be grateful, be positive, be hopeful that this coming year, even though it may not seem like things are getting any better, it will be better, we will be in control of whatever difficulties we may face because we have faith and we know that God is with us. Things may not be great today, the news may not be hopeful, but we can be, and we’re okay!

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him. - Romans 8:28

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