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Is Our Suffering a Privilege?

Is Our Suffering a Privilege?

We all have our challenges; we hurt and suffer throughout our lives. But we continue to focus on the things we want and the things that satisfy our desires. We seek things that give us pleasure and happiness; however, while focusing on that, our life is slipping like water through our fingers, and we don’t even realize it. We keep rejecting everything that may cause us suffering or anything that goes against our expectations. But, if we are willing to abandon a life of pleasure for a life packed with challenges and tribulations, the Lord will see the sacrifice, the struggles, and the suffering, and He will come to give us strength. 

Suffering is a privilege granted by Christ, for Christ; because we don’t suffer for us, we suffer for Him and with Him. Remember that God doesn’t look for medals; he looks for scars, which may not always be physical scars but spiritual scars, those caused by our trials and tribulations necessary to our growth in faith.


Dear God, help me be strong and courageous in times of trouble and hardships. Help me continue to be faithful in times of suffering and give me peace in my heart knowing that you are there with me. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

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