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Religious Beliefs Determined by Politics

Religious Beliefs Determined by Politics

For some, our religious beliefs affect our politics and this may be why so many Americans vote Republican- to promote their moral, religious values. For others it may seem like politics affect their religious choices, it can go both ways. We listen to our pastors or priests’ opinions on politics and we also listen to our politicians cues on religion. 

According to Michele Margolis (author of “From Politics to the Pews”), religious Americans shifted into Republican Party while less religious Americans became Democrats in response to the social issues that were starting to be intensely debated around the 1970s - 1980s. During this period the majority of Republicans began to focus on morality and faith.

The question here is, do Americans change their politic views because of their faith or to they choose a political party before they join a religious community? 

In modern times with a generation that is so immersed in social media, often looking for instant answers, faith often becomes irrelevant specially during young adulthood. Not many efforts have been made to introduce religion in the lives of adolescents, that’s not to say that many teenagers aren’t involved in religious practices, it’s just not as previous generations. Many adolescents don’t think about them as belonging to a specific religion but being spiritual on other forms.

Religion seems to become relevant after we get married and have children but by that time our politic views are defined and they will most likely guide our religious values.

It may seem unreasonable to say that voting could change our relationship with God or our religious beliefs but over the course of time it seems as though religion has become not as important as politics.

We may not be able to turn someone’s life around but through God, all things are possible. Always remember to pray for our teens, not only the ones we know but the generation as a whole.

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