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Things to Do During Lockdown

Things to Do During Lockdown

Being in lockdown has not been easy for most of us. Days feel like they all blend together, we feel isolated and things don’t seem like they are going to be changing any time soon. Aside from our daily routine activities and in our current state of affairs we are constantly seeking for something new or different to do to try to break the monotony. If you’re struggling to figure out how to keep yourself occupied or you simply want to change it up a little, here are a few suggestions that may be worth exploring.

  • - Travel. There is a wide variety of places you can virtually visit from the comfort of your home. From national parks to cooking demonstrations and even tours of the

Louvre in Paris.

  • - Puzzles are the perfect thing to do at home.
  • - Write a Journal 
  • - Explore the Bible
  • - Knitting
  • - Experience Disney at home. You can enjoy some of the Disney magic through a virtual parade or even a virtual ride.
  • - Perfect your makeup skills
  • - Bake homemade bread
  • - Stay Active. There are plenty of ways for you to be active and healthy.
  • - NASA NeMO-Net. Play a game while helping NASA map coral reefs. Players can move across the ocean in their own vessel.
  • - Binging on movies and TV shows is always an option. Though creating your own Home Theatre and enjoying a night out at “the movies” doesn’t sound bad at all.
  • - Learn something new. On-line classes have become more popular during this time. You can find a wide variety of them at an affordable price or even free. From

Photography courses, yoga, meditation and even indoor roller skating.

  • - Reading is another great option. Maybe you have a pile of books that you’ve been meaning to read or maybe you want to add to your library. And with the help of

technology, now you can download books straight to your devices. Here is a list of some good reads if you want to give it a try. 

  • -Moving Forward by Christa Hutchins
  • -Breakfast with Jesus by Vanessa Myers
  • -How to Find your Gratitude Attitude by Aminata Coote
  • -How do You Read Your Bible? By Emily Darnell
  • -A Mustard Seed Life by Jill McIlreavy
  • -Desiring God by John Piper
  • -God Is by Mark Jones
  • -Victory Over Affliction by Wendy Wallace
  • -Downpour by Cheyenne Hasty

I hope you give these a try, feel free to comment and share what you are doing to keep yourself distracted during lockdown.

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