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The Effects of Promoting Peace

The Effects of Promoting Peace

Despite our diverse perspectives on our society, I'd like to think that we all respect and value the freedom we all are entitled to. Seeking peace is most important for human evolution; however, many times, this leads to solutions that may threaten our beliefs, moral values, or lifestyle, resulting in violent and criminal acts. 

It is rather challenging to promote peace, especially now when life is uncertain. We are more focused on survival and keeping ourselves safe than pursuing peace at any cost. While humanity generally believes that peaceful solutions are almost always the only solution to address problems in our society, we have to recognize that we have had some victories that came from violent acts. This is not to say that violent acts should be condoned, nor are we promoting that it is the only way to win battles, but merely recognizing that over the years, people have made enormous sacrifices for the sake of humanity. This is true when we think about our history; wars were or believed to be necessary for the human progress.

Needless to say, peace is fundamental for personal growth and community building, and it is our faith that will strengthen us and guide us so we can become better individuals full of compassion and seek peace even in the most challenging circumstances. 

Practicing peace improves our lives, our relationships, and our communities. It helps us embrace diversity and value each person as they are. Moreover, peace is fundamental in every situation, just as fairness and generosity; they provide gratification and a more meaningful way of life. 

When we interact with people, we have the opportunity to make an impact in their lives and help them realize they too can live a peaceful life. Particularly when we consider that we or someone we care about could be or were at some point in our lives responsible for others as they are responsible for us. The person we dismiss today may be the person we depend on tomorrow, and we don't even realize it. 

Today's media sources play a significant role in our society. Sadly, they are often the reason violent acts and hatred intensify. They feed personal dislike and hate towards groups of people that we hear are corrupting the nation or taking our jobs. Let us look beyond our political, religious, or personal beliefs and focus our energy and resources on positive things, not harming one another. Promoting peace and love, extending a hand to people in need will carve the path towards a future we all dream of. Peace, love, and respect are the best forces to impact humanity positively; don't let the world divide us when God created us to love each other.

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