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Spread Love

Spread Love

It is clear that people have always valued happiness and love. However, in the most recent years, it is something that has become very important or perhaps is due to the availability of a variety of social media platforms we now have that we hear about it now more than ever. Regardless of the reason, posts about kindness and love to ourselves and others are the order of the day. They are a constant reminder to stay positive and love one another. 

Thought it may be hard for some to be kind to those who have hurt us or maybe we catch ourselves judging people we don’t even know like someone double parking or someone cutting us off while driving. If you are having negative thoughts or moments of negative energy, take moment to breathe, think about your negative feelings and change track to a more positive and kind thought. It’ll make you feel a lot better. It goes without saying that performing acts of kindness provides happiness to those receiving and most important, to those performing acts of kindness. 

The majority of people that are kind and loving towards another individual feel good and happy instantly, those who are not so nice may feel temporary relief unloading their frustration onto an individual but it never really makes them feel happy. This may sound silly to some but having a positive attitude, being kind, loving and caring brings positive things to your life. Now, this doesn’t mean we just go around hugging every stranger that crosses our path but we can start by acknowledging that every word and every action we take leaves an impression on the people around us; whether that is a good or bad impression it will be up to us. 

Right now everyone is struggling to survive and so is our planet. If each an everyone of us begins to spread love and practice kindness, we will have a better life; more full feeling and happy life, without a doubt. You make be thinking you’re just one person. How could you possibly make a positive impact? I can tell you that if you choose to spread love and happiness and positiveness no matter which corner of the world you are in, it will make a difference, I can guarantee it.

Spread love all around by sharing a smile or doing something kind for someone, you can even say a silent prayer for everyone at home, neighbors or co-workers. Just a simple positive thought towards someone is all it takes to make an impact. Love is free, sprinkle it everywhere!

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