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Spread Hope Not Fear

Spread Hope Not Fear

When crisis hits, particularly in the current state of affairs we are in. High levels of anxiety from the pandemic and all the chaos cause by the protests leads us to violence and a great disrespect for our communities. We all deserve respect and protection; whether we are civilians or law enforcement officers, all human life is sacred and it must be protected.

We may find ourselves struggling to forgive those that have hurt us. We experience such severe heartbreak that forgiving is the last thing we want to do but we have got to forgive, spread hope in our communities and regain focus on the positive aspect of things and what is important to us.

We are always given a choice, forgive and have the opportunity to accept God’s grace and continue to move forward or seek revenge which is not the right thing to do particularly in the current crisis situation we are facing. We all watch the news, we listen to all the information coming through all the different media platforms and we are well aware of the issues around the world. We learn about poverty and hunger, we learn that people are dying all over the world and not only from the novel Corona virus but from all kinds of diseases like cancer, heart attacks, even obesity which by the way, affects a great number of young people, we also learn that there are millions of people still enslaved today. Life is extremely complicated to say the least, we know what the problems are and we may even know how to fix them but many times we refuse to face complexity. 

Bad news are trying to dominate our lives but what the world needs now is to stand strong and stay optimistic. 

Nowadays there is a lot of information available to us and it is striking that with all that knowledge we are still unable to find solutions. We all want the world to change, we all want violence to end, and sometimes it feels like things are not changing or changing very little. While change is possible, even in the current conditions, we need to want the change, we need to be the change we want to see in the world. Staying positive opens up the possibility of change and believing in change is the beginning of hope, it opens up our mind to envisioning a positive outcome which is ultimately what we all want.

Spreading fear is cheap and efficient and it also breeds on ignorance. Hope provides strength and courage. If we spread hope we can transform any challenging situation into positive actions which in turn will bring the changes the world needs. Moreover, it is in our best interest to spread hope because it motivates us to be better and allows us to see the possibilities for a better future that reason alone cannot explain.

We need hope, we need courage and we need each other. Let us spread Hope because Hope embraces the fact that our actions can produce change.

During this time, our society is in much need of prayers, prayers for all of those whom have been negatively affected, for those who have lost their family, for the ones who have lost hope and the ones who struggle to forgive, prayers for peace among the chaos.

God, in the midst of adversity please give us peace which in these days is something the world cannot give. Let us be touched by your grace to accept your love in our hearts so we may see beyond the boundaries of race and religion. Grant your grace to those who have anger and seek revenge so they may convert to the path of peaceful dialogue. Please give strength to those that are frightened and comfort those who have been shaken by tragedy. Dear God, you are our hope in the storm, please let your Spirit keep us from all the terrible happenings and fill us with faith, helps us show your kindness to all in need. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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