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Is Our Destiny Already Written?

Is Our Destiny Already Written?

The question of what fate is has been discussed by many. Different beliefs exist regarding this concept. Some believe that fate determines our lives, while others say that our actions are based on fate. Many believe that our paths are predetermined, our destiny has been written, is an integral part of our existence, and cannot be changed. At the same time, others believe that we do things out of our own choice. But, does free will really exist, or are our choices controlled by a higher power?

Fate and destiny are often used interchangeably; however, they have different meanings. Fate determines the course of events, while destiny is a future event that cannot be determined by decisions someone will make.

In the Bible, we read about God and how He determines the outcome of events. In the Hindu faith, fate is a divine force that guides our actions. And, sometimes, our actions won’t change our future or fate. For example, if a person is born blind, they can do nothing to change that; however, they can choose to thrive and live a happy, healthy, and abundant life. 

Our lives are affected by many situations outside of our control; we can’t do anything about them; the only thing we can do is either accept our situation and do something about it or let it destroy us. But, despite what people say, one thing is clear; our future is built by every action and every decision we make simply because every action has a consequence. Whether a higher power is intervening in our decision-making or we are entirely in control of our free will, we may never know for sure. However, the outcome of our decisions still binds us. Therefore, whatever we are doing at this very moment will have an impact on our future.

Live a good life, be kind and love each other. 

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