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History of Christianity

History of Christianity

The beginning of Christianity is difficult to date; while some believe that it can be dated back to when Jesus was born, well over 2000 years ago in Israel, others believe that Christianity began after Jesus died, it then spread throughout the Roman Empire. People that followed Jesus were called Christians and the name stuck to this date. 

The fundamental beliefs of Christianity evolve around the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

According to the New Testament, Jesus was born between 2 and 7 B.C; his mother was Mary and his father was Joseph, although many Christians believe that God impregnated Mary via the Holy Spirit marking this as a supernatural event. 

Jesus lived a simple life and when he was about 30 years old he traveled the world with 12 disciples also known as apostles. He taught people to love God, to love one another and performed miracles. Some well known miracles included walking on water, curing the blind and bringing a man back from the death. 

During the age of exploration, Christianity expanded throughout the world making it the largest religion world wide with over 2 billion followers. While many of the first Christians were Jewish converts, many of the non-jews turned to Christianity after the creation of the church. During 303 A.D Christians were persecuted by the Roman leaders and by the Jewish; many were brutally tortured and killed. Christianity became illegal and if a person was found to be Christian, he or she was executed.

In 311 Christianity was permitted and no longer being prohibited, by 391 Christianity had become the state religion of Rome.

Christianity had many disputes which resulted in four main branches: The Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and Protestant, each of which differ in their interpretation of the Bible and understanding of the church.

After all of this, you may wonder, which is the best religion? Christians believe that Christianity is the truest best religion while Buddhists may feel otherwise, truth is that people who follow a specific religion think of their religion as the best one in the world.

So, which is the best religion in the world?

Everyone has theor own opinion; I believe that religion comes from the same source, so wherever religious beliefs or practices you follow I think they all teach the same essential message which is The Golden Rule.

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