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Do Souls Get Stuck When Crossing Over

Do Souls Get Stuck When Crossing Over

Have you ever wondered what happens after we die? Is it possible to remain in limbo until judgment day? Questions like these come up all the time, and perhaps this one is the biggest question of all time. 

It has been suggested that we are motivated to go back to heaven and retake our soul because we are aware that there is a journey between heaven and hell. We seem to have a strong desire to go back to where we were before we came into this world. We want to know if it’s possible to go back. Many would call this “being stuck in limbo.” The place between heaven and hell. This is why some people believe that all mankind is subject to “limbo.” What does stuck in limbo mean? Limbo is the inability to move from one place to another. Limbo is originally a theological term that is used to refer to the place between heaven and hell. A place of uncertainty, a place in which souls are cast aside when waiting for a decision to be made. 

Many of us are conscious about some aspect of this reality, but if this is true, are we then able to slip into the space where the truth and goodness exist? If so, then there would be no place for evil. So the question about getting stuck in limbo when crossing over is legitimate. We all want an answer to how do we get out of hell and escape punishment. In Christianity, many believe that if they accept Christ into their lives, their souls will not go to hell. But many of the same people are teaching that our souls are caught in limbo until we accept Jesus as our savior.

People have many opinions when it comes to heaven and hell. We live in a mysterious world so to speak, and our knowledge of what happens after we die is incomplete. 

Many believe that when God created the universe, he also created a place for those who refuse to accept Jesus to be punished. Some call it Purgatory, a place where the souls of sinners go to be purified before going to heaven.

Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.’ - Matthew 25:41

While there are different opinions on what to expect after we die, we need to keep in mind that God knows our hearts and everything that happens in our life, so only he can judge us. His judgments will be based on mercy and love because His ultimate goal is to help all his children return to him. 

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