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You will learn to live with abundance and stay connected with the lord through every change in your spiritual journey.

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You will understand how to navigate and acheive your spiritual goals, whether your in spiritual spring or winter.

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Each of us goes through different life cycles with a specific, unique nature. The more you seek God, the more you realize there is a great opportunity for growth in spiritual maturity.

Chapter One

Spiritual Spring grows your relatiopnship with God; symbolizes renewal, hope, and growth. It is a time for significant soul transformation as you submit to the Lord.

Chapter Two

Harvest the crops and remove the weeds that hinder fruits’ bearing during Spiritual Summer. A season to share joy and happiness as you spread love and kindness.

Chapter Three

The season for acceptance and repentance happens when Spiritual Fall occurs. It is a time to focus on the light; it will change your heart and bring abundance.

Chapter Four

Winter the darkest of times, joy has left our hearts, and we struggle to see the light. The Lord calls upon you to focus on renewal and change, leading you back to Spring.


Spiritual harmony allows you to have a deeper connection with God. As a result of the knowledge gained, your faith, love, and relationships will grow.

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